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Green Songs about the environment for kids

Little People Can Make A Big Difference

Little people help the environmentThe earth gives us many gifts, fresh air, spectacular colors, yummy tastes, and natural wonders, and it’s important that we appreciate these gifts by growing up green. There are lots of ways to grow up green. Simply understanding where things come from makes us a little bit greener. Did you know the water that comes out of your kitchen sink probably comes from a river or lake? Even the iPods we listen to are made from metals found deep in the earth. Did you know that electricity comes from many places, from the coal found in mountains, from the strong sun above and even from the wind that blows through the trees? Did you flip a light switch today? Well, if you did, you received the gift of electricity from our planet. It’s up to each one of us to take care of the earth so that we can keep enjoying her gifts!

Here are ten ways a green kid can become a little bit greener:

1. Big kids save little animals. If you save the little animals, even the littlest ants, bees and caterpillars, you can save an entire eco-system.
2. Start a collection of colors, sounds, smells and textures. You’ll find them in the sky, in the park, on the beach, in photographs of butterflies, volcanoes, stars and in your backyard.
3. Plant an edible garden. You can plant a vegetable garden inside or outside; eating the vegetables is good for you and the garden is good for the air and the dirt.
4. Invent a magical machine to clean the air. (Thank you!)
5. Meet your neighbors. Your neighbors are not only down the street but all over the world! Together, we can play an important part in taking care of our planet.
6. Smile at flowers and say Hi! “Hi Rose, Hi Lilly, Hi Violet, Hydrangea!” They love to be noticed.
7. Say thank you. We receive nature’s gifts from every corner of the earth. What’s the best way to say thank you?
8. Decorate your recycling bins. Make pictures and lists that explain exactly what can be recycled so that everyone knows where to put things.
9. Share. When you get new toys, books and clothes, where do the old ones go? Hopefully not into the ground with the rest of our trash. You can share these things with other kids! Check out
10. Love your nature because nature loves you.

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