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Buy your groceries at the Farmers Market or a Food Coop.

Buy your groceries at the Farmers Market or a Food Coop.

Everyone is asking what can we do to help the environment? What are the best alternatives to use? The truth is, for the amount of energy we’re using these days, there is no alternative. So for now, Reduce Reduce Reduce. We can start by becoming more aware of our resource consumption. All of our stuff from computers to cell phones to solar panels come originally from natural resources, people included. There is of course a limit to the natural resources we have and we are using them up!

Here are ten super simple ways to reduce the amount of stuff we buy, throw out and use up.

1. Unplug. Did you know that nearly 75% of all electricity used to power electronic devises is consumed by products that are switched off ?! Don’t just turn off, unplug, save money and save hundreds of pounds of CO2.

2. Cook with a pressure cooker. You can put together a full meal of grains, veggies, beans, whatever you like at super high speeds without turning the heat up on your stove for more than a minute.

3. Open the curtains and shades. Let natural sunlight do its thing to warm up and light up your home.

4. Pay attention to packaging. Choose products in recyclable containers. Reuse your own packaging materials for everything from shipping to bringing your lunch to work.

5. Save the trees! From shade and fruit to medicine, filtration and oxygen, trees are our best friends. So. Re-use the backside of printer paper. Use cloth towels instead of paper. Skip the paper bag at the store by bringing your own. We can save billions of trees a year by just reducing the simplest things.

6. Buy your favorite things in bulk. Less packaging, less transportation, and it costs less too.

7. Offset your plane flights. With jut a couple of clicks you can reduce your carbon footprint by working with a company like They take your small donation and support renewable energy and reforestation projects that reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

8. Buy your groceries at the Farmers Market or a Food Coop. Not only is it a great way to support a community with similar values to yours, but the quality of local and organic foods and products will up your quality of life immeasurably.

9. Share! Instead of throwing out the old stuff, donate it or give it away. Check out, my personal favorite, where people will vie for the opportunity to pick up your old stuff right from your door.

10. Keep up your Green IQ. Increasing your environmental expertise is an investment in yourself, your family, your friends and your home.

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