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Green Songs about the environment for kids

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You can purchase Earth Worm Disco three different ways.


Purchase the Album

When you purchase the album, you will get a CD with beautiful cover art inside a beautiful package made entirely out of green and recycled materials.  Even the plastic tray is made from recycled soda bottles! For a dollar more, Shira will send you a special seed packet of Butterfly Garden Mix so that you can start growing a greener world tomorrow. Earth Worm Disco makes a great gift, so don't forget all the little environmentalists you know.
Price: $14.95 plus S&H

Bonus Butterfly Seeds Packet:

Download the Album

You can download Earth Worm Disco to your computer, ipod or mp3 player and start dancing and grooving right away. As always, printable lyrics for all the tracks are available right here on the website.
Price: $9.99


Download Individual Tracks

All eleven tracks on Earth Worm Disco are available individually for just 99¢

Preview the album:

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Buy the CD

Bonus Butterfly Seeds Packet:

Download Tracks

1 - Roll Up on Your Tricycle 99¢
2 - Earth Worm Disco 99¢
3 - Farmer's Market 99¢
4 - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rock! 99¢
5 - Way Up There 99¢
6 - The Sun Shines Down On Every One 99¢
7 - Recyclin' Machine 99¢
8 - Whole Wide World 99¢
9 - G-Generation 99¢
10 - Turning of the World 99¢
11 - Bonus Track - Remix of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rock with the Electric Junkyard Gamalan 99¢