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Green Songs about the environment for kids

About Shira


SHIRA KLINE, aka ShirLaLa is a celebrated New York based performer and music educator.  Traveling across the country and internationally with her kiddie-rock band, Shira delivers a dynamic, interactive program of joy and spirit, story and song.

Raised in the world of music, Shira has worked for over a decade with a diverse array of Jewish communities to enliven rituals, holiday celebrations, and love for Jewish life and prayer.  Her three “outrageously hip Jewish kiddie rock” albums have sold over 20,000 copies and are played repeatedly in homes, cars, and classrooms.

With a lifelong passion for environmental activism and an imagination as wide as the seas, the time was right for Shira to combine her passions for children and the earth with her music.   Her newest recording project Earth Worm Disco celebrates eco-music for kids and is a musical playground that honors the bounty of earth, sea and sky, and the wonders of growing up green.  Weaving together creativity, stories and games, the earth friendly songs deliver a powerful message and a rich musical experience for children and adults alike.  Earth Worm Disco is for all the little rock n’ rollers out there who love to sing and love our planet too!